Stig Severinsen

Stig Aaval Severinsen, DK

W.C. Free Diver, Guinness record holder, and online entrepreneur.

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Anja Kuschel

Anja Kuschel, DE

Super enthusiastic diver, instructor, amateur photographer and hosts the Divers Podcast "Tauchen2go"

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Nicolai Deutsch

Nicolai Deutsch, DE

Professional videographer and Traveler

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Norway in Frames, NO

Lars Korvald.
Norway has a new voice.

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Nanna Kreuzmann

Nanna Kreuzmann, DK

Professional picture journalist and freediving photographer.

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Jonna Bergström, SE

The Queen of detail!
Nordic Champion uw. photo.

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Turtle vs Kayak

Nikolas Nilsson, SE

Several times Swedish Champion and participated in the world championship Photography.

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Divers of the Dark, FI

Finnish Tech Explorers.
...of the very awesome kind...!

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