Ambassador -Niklas Nilsson


Turtle vs Kayak

Niklas Nilssen, SE

Niklas Nilssen is a Swedish nature photographer and travel consultant. He is a several times Swedish Champion and participated in the world championship. In 2019 sharing his image, Turtle vs Kayak, and in 2020 won the category the wide angle with divers with Buddy Catarina Jostéus.

He is also a Olympus Underwater Ambassador and Posts on his blog on Olympus’s website. Where he talks about many of his dives and experience taking pictures in these sometimes extreme conditions. When you ask about his favorite travel memory he will tell you about his experience on the Antarctic continent. He mentioned to Polar-Quest in an interview to this question and talking about the huge glaciers higher than the mountain tops filling the landscape. And the many species of animals only found on the continent.

One of his latest accomplishments (2018) was getting a sighting with a deep-water living Ghost Shark and getting it on camera, he mentioned that the creature lives 200 meters underground but can sometimes be found in less deep waters during cold winter months. 

The latest pictures are taken with a Olympus E-M1 Mark III, 14-42 EZ and Nauticam WWL-1 according to his Instagram post from Oct 13, 2021