GoPro is perhaps the most versatile action camera on the market so why not give it a good home. Some of the newer models of GoPro Hero and Session are waterproof up to 10 meters, but if you want the best possible results from your underwater photography, you need an underwater housing for your GoPro.


We have a large selection of GoPro housings and other GoPro accessories, such as handles, flip filters, lenses, bags, chargers, and cables.

With our standard GoPro housings, you get cost-effective protection against the elements, because only an underwater housing effectively protects your camera from external (scratches) and internal damage (hardware). Also, underwater housings are waterproof up to 40 meters for the GoPro Session and up to 60 meters for the GoPro Hero.
The GoPro case includes a mount on which you can add other GoPro accessories and tools. Simply attach a tray and handles, flex arms, and lamps and you have a solid camera system for your next dive.

But it gets even better! For the more experienced GoPro photographers, we also have large housings, such as the Hugyfot Vision Xs (for GoPro Hero 5/6/7). This underwater housing offers a large front screen for the GoPro lens and the LCD screen, as well as trays and handles for stable handling when filming and taking pictures. It is waterproof to a depth of 150 - 200 meters! The housing is equipped with a vacuum system. Hugyfot Vision Xs is a good choice for any advanced GoPro filmmaker or photographer and can be easily expanded with arms and lamps.

In addition, we have some GoPro accessories in our assortment, such as handles, macro lenses, shoulder straps, and more. Various brackets and mounting options will help you mount your GoPro securely, but flexibly. No matter in which water and at what depth you dive, our large selection of GoPro FLIP filters gets the best colors out of your pictures!


We here at Fotografit are always happy to help you tailor the best equipment for your personal needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions at our webpage (chat with us) or on our mail