GoPro is perhaps the most versatile action camera on the market so why not give it a good home. Some of the newer models of GoPro Hero and Session are waterproof down to 10 meters. But if you want to get serious and into underwater photography you will need a housing. 


A housing protects your camera way better than any water-resistant camera design ever could both from external (scratches to lens and body and damage to buttons) and internal damage (damage to the hardware). 

With our standard GoPro cases you get a cheap protection from the elements and a depth rating of 40m for Session and 60m for Hero plus a mount you can put on pretty much anything. Put it on a tray and add some handles, Flexarms and lights and you got yourself a diving rig, Mount the housing on your head while diving or on top of your camera housing, the possibilities are endless. 

But we don’t stop there! We also have big housings for the more seasoned GoPro photographer. Hugyfot Vision Xs (for GoPro Hero 5/6/7) is produced by a company called Hugyfot specialized in GoPro Housings. Hugyfot housings are milled out of sea water resistant aluminum, Black anodized and Teflon coated. Large front window for GoPro lens and LCD screen and comes on a Tray. Red filter and screen protection with hinges. The housing comes with a vacuum system, so you can be sure your safe when going into the water, and if in worst case anything should happen the moisture alarm should warn you promptly so you can get topside. The Vision Xs is a nice platform for the more advanced GoPro photographers and a nice platform for arms and lights. It is depth rated to between 150-200 meters. 

We here at Fotografit are always happy to help you tailor the best equipment for your personal needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions at our webpage (chat with us) or on our mail