Check out our fantastic team of FOTOGRAFIT Ambassadors. They make wonders with the equipment and get in the water using it!


Take the time to become a better underwater photographer by joining a group of like-minded divers on one of our popular photo/video trips.


Regularly we will do a Q&A-LIVE SESSION. The session will be around 60-90 min. Don´t hesitate to send us a picture for review, a question with something that puzzles you or similar.

FOTOGRAFIT - Underwater imaging & light

FOTOGRAFIT.eu is Scandinavia's largest company with underwater photography, video and light for use by recreational divers, commercial- and military divers, as well as free-divers and people in need of documentation underwater. We sell both wholesale and directly to the user.

Our prices match the level of other stores in Europe so should you be interested in dealing with us, the price difference will never be a problem. We stock large parts of our assortment, including underwater lights, optics and ports, compact housings, arm systems, and also a wide range of accessories and fittings.

FOTOGRAFIT.eu is a service centre and will handle minor repairs and adjustments of the equipment at the workshop. Full service of housings will always be sent to the factory.

We are distributor and dealer of most major brands on the market, including Nauticam, AOI, Sparkave, Ikelite, i-Divesite, Seafrogs, Fantasea, Keldan, Inon, Hugyfot, Cinebags, Ultralight, Light & Motion, GoPro, Paralenz, StiX, Zen Domes, Sea & Sea & Micro-Mesh.

We ship all over Europe and at a very low cost and you can follow your order via tracking code.

If you are looking to purchase or upgrade your equipment then start by contacting us, so you will be investing in the right products from the start.