The FOTOGRAFIT Price match:

Buying an expensive and brand new underwater system is a matter of trust.
We know that we have to work to earn your trust - and rest assure, this is one of our key priorities.


But trust needs to be combined with "the right price".
Should you find an offer with one of our colleagues, that has a better price than we do, but you´d still like to buy from us - don´t worry...
We will match this price, so you can fully focus on the dialogue and the purchase of your new gear.


Price match means:
The "price match" means that we match the price if you find the same product cheaper at one of our direct competitors.
In order for a price match to apply, it is a condition that the goods being compared are the same brand and model. It is also a condition that the product is in stock with the competitor and can be purchased at the prevailing price. We will ask for documentation on the price eg. by advert, receipt or/and referral to the sales page for verification.


Price match for package deals:

On package deals, the content of the offer needs to be 100% identical.
Our deals often have a total price and a discount can be included elsewhere in the offer.
FOTOGRAFIT reserves the right to reject price match inquiries on items given in connection with an offer or in connection with an offer process.


Price Match does not apply in case of:

  • Queue offers, opening offers, local deals, limited number offers and special dealerships.

  • Products sold through our Outlet or Demo section on FOTOGRAFIT homepages
  • Parallel imported goods where the EAN number does not match FOTOGRAFITs.

  • Payment through third party services.


Price Matches for B2B Orders:

Price-Matches also apply to all our B2B customers, but since these orders often consist of large quantities, we have some exceptions and requirements to the general terms and conditions above:

  • Do not apply to orders for more than 5 identical units.

  • Does not apply in case of special promotion campaigns or special deals or arrangements made between FOTOGRAFIT and the B2B Customer.

  • Does not apply to a special customs fee or national and international regulations not under FOTOGRAFITs control