During the last years, I have made a large number of videos with info / interviews / Q&A sessions.
They are all available on our YouTube channel:


We would love to hear from you if you have interesting subjects that you´d like us to talk about.



(Direct link to our YouTube channel with all our videos.)



LIVE session with some of our friends and ambassadors:

  • Lars Korvald - (Norwegian Westcoast)
  • Helene - (Split photos)
  • Nico & Michael - (Canon R5)
  • Christina - (Nordic Nature / Nordic Sharks)
  • Steve Jones - (Deep Tech Photo)

Besides the Interviews, Mikkel and Lars will talk about different subjects.
* Tips & Tricks
* Our favorite photo kit
* Customer Questions
* LIVE Comments




Interview with Nicolai Deutch:

Canon EOS R5/R6 Under water in Nauticam housing

>>With the upcoming release of the Canon R5 & R6 we are looking at some of the benefits of this camera taking it under water. We compare it to some of the other models and talk about that underwater lenses and wetlenses that would be good to use.

The WACP lens series from Nauticam is a good choice but also some of the new RF-lenses has our interest.

FOTOGRAFIT is a leading Nauticam distributor and service centre, with sales to the demanding dive market. Based in Denmark, but with customers all over Europe.




Interview with John Bantin


See the live interview with John Bantin, when he visited the FOTOGRAFIT Office in Denmark. Lars Stenholt Kirkegaard is making the interview and digging out some of Johns well known pictures and asks about how he shot them. The interview also covers some of Johns background as a popular Commercial Photographer in London in the 70´-80´s and how he decided to get into underwater photography - and later writing.



Webinar with Nanna Kreuzmann

Nanna is one of our ambassadors - and a fantastic photographer. She cares so much about the heart and soul in the picture - and since she lives by the water most of the time throughout the year - he bag of photo-goodies is just immensely large! - the quality and sound are poor... feel free to scroll to the good part.... her pictures! :-)



Webinar with Stig Stasig


For years I wanted this interview to happen.
Stig is one of my favourites and a unique photographer. He cares ZERO about artificial light under water... and does not care either if there are visible grains to see. There is substance..!!!

Watch it.. and understand why you don´t understand anything at all..!!