Photo trip & workshop with individual instruction in underwater photography.

Nakari Divecamp, Egypt November 16-23 - 2024


Join a unique trip where you will return home as a better underwater photographer and with a network of great diving friends.

We turn conventional workshops upside down.
This concept focuses on you and combines elements such as teaching, coaching, ample time, world-class subjects, and technical assistance in a way you’ve never seen before.

Lars Kirkegaard / FOTOGRAFIT is behind this trip in collaboration with a competent photo guide (later to be announced), the travel agency HeyOcean, and Dive Camp Nakari.

We have put together a package that guarantees you will climb several rungs up the ladder, and we have already included extra baggage in the package price so you can bring ALL your photo gear.





The company is unique.

On this trip, only divers interested in underwater photography are included. There is no stress, but before the trip, you will receive a questionnaire to map out what you are interested in or need to learn more about. We will also hold a Google Meet before departure, where Lars will review the itinerary. Afterward, Lars will create a plan for you based on your experience, allowing you to improve throughout the week.

We don't intend to hover over you all the time.
You decide how much you want to use the instructors. Maybe you prefer to dive at your own pace, learn things with your buddy, and simply enjoy the company of other photography enthusiasts – and in this way, enjoy your underwater photography.

Because we focus on you, you’ll find that both experienced and novice underwater photographers participate in the same trip. Maybe you have a clear idea of what you want to learn, or perhaps you’ll figure it out as you go – and that’s what we base our approach on. There is plenty of time to learn. There is enough time to learn more than you thought you came for. You learn continuously just by being around other underwater photographers.


The diving is simple – because you are here to learn.

The reason we are organizing a trip based at a dive camp is, that here, you can dive whenever you feel like it and are ready. This means that if you need to play with your camera for 20 more minutes to get the last settings just right, you can do that.

If you feel like skipping a dive, you won't miss out on anything. There should also be time to relax and chat, take a walk, have an afternoon nap, play with your photos in Lightroom, or plan a dive where you try out an entirely new technique.







It's actually a unique opportunity.


Listen to Lars explain how the course of the trip will unfold.
Lars has conducted courses and workshops for many years and often receives requests for new courses. But this type of teaching has actually been in the works for several years. It's a superb opportunity where you get the best of all teaching methods:


  1. You'll be away for a whole week. There's plenty of time.
  2. Unlike a liveaboard, there are no waves and tight schedules. Diving is straightforward, and if you need to repeat a subject, you can go out and dive it again until you get the shot you want!
  3. We focus on both group instruction and on you as an individual. You'll get both inspiration and direct learning.
  4. You'll be with a bunch of other underwater photographers. We talk about photography and diving 24/7 (if you want and have the energy) :-)
  5. Every other evening, we gather images and do a collective image review, which is very inspiring and educational.
  6. There's plenty of shared time to sit and play with images in editing software. Here, you can collaborate with other photographers, get inspiration and help with the tools. (we primarily use Adobe Lightroom for presentations)







Marsa Nakari Dive Camp - offers fantastic learning opportunities.




Lots of underwater subjects and professional guides
Dive into colorful coral reefs at the water's edge and be enchanted by beautiful corals and lively marine creatures. Dive with your buddy or professional guides who will not only take you to Dolphin House Reef, where you can swim with dolphins, but also to other fantastic underwater areas nearby. Whether you're interested in macro photography or underwater landscapes, the guides can help find the perfect spot.

Underwater photography in a tranquil oasis far from mass tourism
Enjoy the perfect blend of instruction, relaxation, and unique experiences. Nakari Dive Camp is an oasis far from mass tourism, where the tranquility of the desert meets the beauty of the underwater world. Our "all-inclusive" concept ensures that you can focus on your underwater photography experience without worrying about practical details.
A giant "all you can eat" buffet is served three times a day, and there is always ice-cold water, coffee, and tea available.

Unlimited access to underwater experiences and desert adventures
In addition to exploring the fantastic underwater environments, you can participate in unlimited snorkeling and diving. Take a break from underwater adventures and experience the surrounding desert. The dedicated staff and guides are ready to create a fantastic atmosphere where underwater photography turns into lifelong memories.






The diving

Diving in Nakari is particularly well-suited for learning underwater photography. There's just a short distance between a creative idea and execution. All you have to do is walk down to the water with your camera, and shortly after, you're practicing composition, lighting, aperture, or shutter speed.

As a starting point, all diving is included, but it's possible to purchase diving at the outer reefs or take a drive up or down the coast.


**HOUSE REEF - Stunning corals, rich marine life, and opportunities for productive night dives**
The house reefs around Nakari's Bay impress with their stunning beauty and well-preserved condition. Here, you can admire a multitude of colorful fish, and a variety of robust corals, and enjoy fantastic night dives where nocturnal fish gather to hunt. Experience everything from healthy corals and groupers to moray eels, colorful reef fish, stingrays, turtles, and reef sharks. Occasionally, the house reef even gets visits from curious dolphins.

The house reef is just a stone's throw from the shore, and diving here is effortless and open to all. The reef slopes gradually from just below the surface to about 40 meters deep. You have the opportunity to dive from sunrise to after-night dives, and you decide the time and method – either by diving directly from the beach or being taken out on a rubber boat. Navigating the house reef is so simple that you only need a buddy to enter the water.


**DOLPHIN HOUSE - Features holes and caves and often good opportunities to see dolphins**
From Nakari, you can reach Shaab Samadai Reef, also known as Dolphin House, in just about a 30-minute boat ride. A day trip to this famous horseshoe-shaped reef offers not only impressive dives with caves and swim-throughs but also the chance to snorkel with a group of dolphins if you're lucky. Sign-up and payment take place at the camp, and the day trip includes both lunch and the marine park fee.


**ELPHINSTONE - with the large pelagic animals**
Do yourself the favor of visiting Elphinstone Reef - a world-class reef, especially known for impressive wall dives with large pelagic fish. From Nakari, head north and sail out from the sister camp Shagra. Elphinstone offers encounters with impressive sharks such as hammerheads, oceanic whitetip sharks, silky sharks, and grey reef sharks. There are also good chances of encountering dolphins, eagle rays, Napoleon wrasse, schools of tuna and barracuda, and even manta rays. The reef is particularly rich in marine life due to strong ocean currents, and therefore, Elphinstone is reserved for divers with a PADI Advanced certificate (or equivalent) and 50 dives.


**DIVING TRIPS UP AND DOWN THE COAST - possibility of dugongs and turtles**
Diving by truck from Nakari is extremely popular, and two guided dives are offered daily to different sites along the coast. A recommended visit is the small bay "Abu Dabab," where a dugong resides. In the middle of the bay lies a sandy bottom with seagrass, where you can encounter the peaceful dugong, which is about 3 meters long and has a distinctive appearance. Here, you can also observe giant turtles, eagle rays, guitar sharks, and schools of octopus during your dive, reaching a depth of about 10-12 meters. On both sides of the bay, there stretches an impressive and intact coral reef, ideal for photo and video enthusiasts. This is just one of the many dives you can experience from the truck bed. Sign-up takes place at the camp and costs approximately 10-20 euros per dive.







In Nakari Village, you have three different accommodation options:
Bedouin tent
This is the original, but at the same time also the cosiest accommodation option. The tents are by the beach and they are comfortably equipped with 2 beds, pleasant lighting, electricity, a fan, a carpet and a shelf for clothes. The toilet/bathing facilities are shared and are clean and tidy.
- "from" prices include accommodation in a Bedouin tent.

Supplement for single travelers

- If you want to stay alone, there is a supplement for: Single Bedouin tent: EUR: 135,-

- The single supplement is mandatory if you do not book with a partner.
   (if you later find a partner, we will deduct the difference)

Royal Beduin tent

The tent is basically the same as a Bedouin tent, but it is about twice as big and therefore you will feel that there is more air and there is also room for a couple of beanbag chairs and a table, as well as shelves, a mini fridge, and a fan.
This tent can also be booked with a double bed instead of 2 single beds. 

Supplement when upgrading to a Royal Bedouin tent

- EUR 215 for upgrading to Royal Benuintellt (v/ single person)

- EUR 69 for upgrading to a Royal Bedouin tent (per person w/ 2 people)

- The single supplement is mandatory if you do not book with a partner.
   (if you later find a partner, we deduct the difference)


Deluxe Chalet

A slightly different form of accommodation is "Deluxe Chalets".
They are large and neat and have their bathroom/toilet and their own terrace, which is shared with the neighbor.

In a Chalet you also get air conditioning and a fridge in the room.
The Deluxe Chalet has the same furnishings as the tents, but also a wardrobe and chairs on the terrace. They are built with thick walls and domed ceilings.
Unlike the tents, Chaléterne is set back from the beach.

Supplement when upgrading to Deluxe Chalet

- EUR 525 for upgrading to Deluxe Chalet (with a single person)

- EUR 269 for upgrading to Deluxe Chalet (per person w/ 2 people)

- The single supplement is mandatory if you do not book with a partner.
   (if you later find a partner, we deduct the difference)






Price and expenses


The price for participation incl.

  • Flight journey
  • Diving package including unlimited diving
  • Accommodation (shared tent)
  • All meals etc.
  • Workshop including personal plan & feedback

PRICE: from 1.799,- EUR

Arrival on your own?
If you do not want to fly from Copenhagen, but buy a plane ticket yourself, this is possible.
By finding flights yourself, you save EUR 499,- on the price.
Just arrive on 16/11-2024 in Hurghada or Marsa Alam. (note, a transfer fee might apply)

This means you can arrive from any destination where you may find a ticket.

Here are the flight times from/to Copenhagen Airport (CPH)

Fra CPH:
CPH – HRG 16-11 / 2024
HRG – CPH 23-11 / 2024


Inkluderet specificeret:

Fly: Kastrup/Aarhus - Hurghada t/r**
- 7 nætter på ovenstående destination i delt beduinttelt
- 6 dages ubegrænset båd- og stranddykning på husrevet
- 2 guidede dyk på første dykkerdag
- Alle måltider i dykkerlejren
- Kaffe/the/vand/sodavand i dykkerlejren 
- Transfers i Egypten***
- Tanke & bly
- 2 stk indtjekket bagage (med forbehold for evt. ændringer fra flyselskabet)**
- Gebyr til Rejsegarantifonden
- Fuld pakkerejse (Fordele ved dækning af pakkerejseloven og Rejsegarantifonden)

Ikke inkluderet:

- Evt. indkvarterings opgradering og/eller single tillæg
- Visum
- Mad ombord på fly
- Miljø- og trykkammer gebyr (12 euro/prs - obligatorisk, betales lokalt)
- Dykning på "ydre" rev & lastbilsdyk
- Forsikringer
- Uspecificerede måltider & drikkevarer (fx. kolde øl og varer fra kiosken)
- Drikkepenge (vi anbefaler ca. 70 euro/gæst)
- Evt. senere tilkomne gebyrer/fuel surcharges/tillæg/skatter som Fotografit/HeyOcean ikke har nogen kontrol over.
- Du medbringer selv undervandskamera og laptop

Tillæg for single rejsende

Royal Beduintelt
Tillæg ved opgradering til Royal Beduintelt

Deluxe Chalet
Tillæg ved opgradering til Deluxe Chalet


**Fly kan have kortere teknisk stop i Billund/Aarhus/København.
Vi oplever mange ændringer af flyruter som er ude af vores kontrol. Vi tager derfor forbehold for at flyrute og lufthavn kan ændre sig, og ligeledes bagageregler for flyrejsen. Såfremt en ændring sker, vil vi i samarbejde med jer afsøge den bedst mulige løsning. Vi vil forsøge at undgå en merudgift, men kan desværre ikke garantere dette.

***Transfers er planlagt som gruppetransfer Hurghada - Nakari t/r. Hvis du køber rejsen uden fly inkluderer prisen stadig transfers fra Hurghada / Marsa Alam lufthavn - Nakari t/r. Der kan være en kortere ventetid i lufthavnen ved ankomst, såvel som en lidt tidligere afrejse fra Nakari, for at imødekomme forskellige flytider i samme transfers.




Kontaktinfo til mere information om rejsen

Ved spørgsmål til fototuren kontakt Lars.

+45 - 7027 3015


Deadline for betalinger:

- ved tilmelding efter d. 12/1 betales fuldt beløb ved tilmelding.