Even on very bright and sunny days, you will quickly notice that light disappears underwater very fast. It is therefore very helpful to use external light sources - even at shallow depths. In our shop you will find very good lighting systems with which you can solve this problem!

Light is one of the most important necessities in underwater photography and videography. Even at shallow depths, the sunlight gets absorbed by the water and gets lost even more the deeper you dive. Not only are the pictures getting darker but also the colors are fading more and more.  For this reason, it is recommended to use external light sources such as LED photo and video lights - in greater depths at the latest.

In our shop, we have a large selection of lamps from different manufacturers, such as Sola, Keldan, or SeaFrogs. With the help of LED lamps, you have the opportunity to better illuminate your surroundings during the dive, which is especially important when filming underwater.


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