Why do you need tripods? As with land photography tripods provide stability for your camera and yields better, sharper shots as you can take long exposure shots without getting the images blurred by slight movement. 

The Solutions are many depending on your needs. Do you need a tripod that can pan and tilt as you operate it, or just a stationary for video? 

You can also add a GoPro camera for stable shots or time lapse of you and your friends while diving.

The tripods also provide a base for underwater lights. Sometimes you need external lights for backlighting your subject. Do you have a location where you want to photograph a tiny sea creature e.g. a snail or a shrimp, you probably have to position the lighting so your subject stands out from the background, and sometimes the little creature wont let you get too close with your big kit without scurrying away. So here you need to have an external light source/flash to get the proper photograph. 

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