Long Multi-purpose (MP) clamp with shackle

Long Multi-purpose (MP) clamp with shackle

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This is no ordinary clamp...
...It is a 3-in-one clamp.
Extra long!

...you should always have 2 of these MP-Clamps as part of your clamp set... adding a lanyard and securing your arms and lights, as well as making it a great way to handle the system in-water and out...

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Long MP Clamp with shackle

It has a shackle attached to it which will come in handy when you want to attach a lanyard to it.

One of the nice little Nauticam inventions that make your life easier!


On top of that, you can take off the shackle and add an S&S stem, or an armball.

(Lanyard: e.g. 25411 or 25412)

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