Hugyfot Vision Xs Housing for GoPro 5/6/7

Hugyfot Vision Xs Housing for GoPro 5/6/7

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Hugyfot Vision Xs for GoPro 5/6/7

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If you already know the Hugyfot Vision, you´ll know that this is the luxurious way of packing up a GoPro. Everyone knows that the screen is really too small on a GoPro and the battery time is too short for use on more demanding dives.
In the Hugyfot housing there are extra batteries, larger screen and it will allow the unit to go to considerable depths. (150-200m)



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Hugyfot Vision Xs for GoPro 5/6/7


Hugyfot Vision X is a new and smaller unit.

Perfect for travelling.


Check out the MANUAL for the Vision Xs


But size does matter.

Even if the fantastic large screen of the Vision housing is fabulous it can be a bit much while travelling.
Which is why Hugyfot has made a new and more compact version, called "Vision X" that is a smaller housing and has a 5" screen.
It is in the process of being released and we have ordered a bunch. Incl one for ourselves to play with.


This version is mounted on a solid tray with handles and 1" armballs - and has a vacuum system build in from birth, which is a great and comforting feature. And it is still possible to use a macro filter with this unit via the FLIP system that you can purchase as an accessory. Though, be aware, that only the HERO5 system has the NARROW macro function. So if you want to use the macro lens on a HERO6 or HERO7 camera, then you need to shoot in 2.7K and crop it down afterwards.
(if you only do pictures, you can crop the picture in your editing program easily) 

Overall a fantastic and affordable package for everybody!


The Vision Xs housing specifications:

Housing has been milled out of seawater resistant aluminium,
A large front window for GoPro lens and LCD screen.
Red filter and screen protection with hinges.

Black anodized and Teflon coated.

Depth rating 150 - 200m.
Dual O-ring sealing system.
Push buttons for screen adjustment.
Waterproof sun hood and lanyard.
Plug and play installation of Hero 5,6 or 7 camera.


Battery duration:

Varta battery for GoPro camera, autonomy: 3h
Plug and play F5 monitor autonomy: 3h
F5 Monitor Battery
F5 Battery Charger
GoPro Vision Xs Handle.
GoPro Vision Xs Vacuum system.

Optional options:

Macro lens with adaptor.
A variable red filter with adaptor.
Hugyfot Floating arms
Hugyfot Arius video lights set.
Hugyfot Photo bag