SeaFrogs Compact housing

SeaFrogs Underwater housing used to be called Meikon.
During the later years the quality has gone up several steps and the housing is now the Nr. 1 acrylic budget housing for most camera brands.
Several clever solutions such as good exposure buttons, fibre cable outlet, good tripod mount holes and M67 port thread for wet lenses has secured SeaFrogs a place at the table when the keen diver selects his or her first underwater housing.

SeaFrogs offers housings for different camera brands such as Canon, Sony, Olympus, Fujifilm, iPhone, GoPro, and others.

Compact cameras are a beginner-friendly option in underwater photography. They are small and light and can still cover a wide range of focal lengths (from wide-angle to macro) using different lenses and wet lenses.


SeaFrogs manufactures underwater housings for compact cameras that are particularly suitable for those who like to travel light but still want to get the best out of their underwater photography. 


Also, an underwater housing protects your camera better than any other waterproof option could ever do. Both from external damage (scratches on the lens, camera, and buttons) and internal damage (hardware).


With the SeaFrogs underwater housings for compact cameras you get good, inexpensive housings with a functional and ergonomic technology. They are designed to be smaller and lighter. This makes them particularly suitable for traveling and diving trips. 


SeaFrogs underwater housings are very easy to expand and are compatible with many lenses, viewfinders, trays, and other accessories that you need for your ideal system.


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