Nauticam DSLR housings

Nauticam is the leading brand in underwater housings and that shows in the quality of their work. They start by milling out the housing from a solid block of seawater resistant aluminum alloy with millimeter precision tech and tools. 


Then the tech is added, the functionality and ergonomics gets tested with the specific camera and lastly comes the pressure test in a pressurized tank before the housing can finally hit the market. Which adds up to a housing that will most likely never fail. When talking about experience Nauticam have that in spades. Every housing they make is tailored for one specific camera (but in some case they can convert housings with kits) and they have an immense selection of housings. Every Camera housing, they make for a series of cameras get’s tweaked and better with each housing they make. Nauticam is a brand that follows the evolution of camera’s and digital trends and is always up to date with the latest marble in the photographic scene. And they offer accessories to tweak your system for just about every purpose imaginable.

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