Legends Beneath the Waves - Scandinavia (2-books)

Legends Beneath the Waves - Scandinavia (2-books)

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Legends Beneath the Waves

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Books by René B. Andersen & Andrew Marriot.
2 x books of A4, colour, 272 pages a book.
The book set weighs around 4,5 kg.

Legends Beneath the Waves - Scandinavia is in fact 2 books full of the most amazing underwater wreck photos taken in the region of Scandinavia. And they come with intensive well researched stories and background information that has taken years to collect. Taking pictures in these parts of the world is really hard as the current and visibility is almost always an issue. Also, the wrecks featured in the books is quite deep and actually having the time to do pictures in this calibre has demanded diving with a rebreather and many hours of decompression.

The books have a format of A4 and are full of colour pictures and are both 272 pages. All the sales go to covering just a fraction of the equipment and hours spent to make the project a success.


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