Nauticam Innovation Underwater

Nauticam is one of the largest companies in the world making underwater imaging equipment.
And even though we have been selling this in the Nordic Region for years - we decided that it was time to get deeper involved.
So - for the last 2 years we have been working hard getting even more familiarized with the products and the procedures of this brand.
In 2016 The FOTOGRAFIT Team: Lars and Kristoffer attended a service course at Nauticam, Dongguan, China.

Nauticam Distributor
Service Center
Stocking Dealer in the Nordic Region and Northern Europe.


Nauticam headquarter HQ The Nauticam HQ is a large factory with more than 160 people working on site with design, high precision manufacturing & quality assurance.
All the administration is happening from the service office in Hong Kong.
Nauticam Service center
In 2016 FOTOGRAFIT became Nauticam Service center. Lars & Kristoffer went down to complete the service course and in the process took apart all existing Nauticam housing types and accessories.
Kristoffer Nymann - Nauticam Young Talent Ambassador

Kristoffer is FOTOGRAFIT Service manager and has a machinist degree with honour.
He felt like a "kid in a candy store". After only a few days, Nauticam invited him to come back and do an Internship at the factory. Nauticam later made Kristoffer the first: "Nauticam Young Talent Ambassador"... which is a huge recognition of his skills.

Kristoffer was only 21 years of age, but already using a D500 camera and Nauticam housing.

Taking a housing apart - and putting it back again takes many hours and requires quite a bit of skill.
A standard DSLR housing like this elder Nikon D7000 housing has around 1000 parts.
Lars and Phoebe meeting at Nauticam Lars and General Manager Phoebe Lu is having a meeting about future strategies.
FOTOGRAFIT is Nauticam Distributor, Service Center and Stocking Dealer in the Nordic Region and Northern Europe.
Nauticam service team All Nauticam items that are being sent out has gone through severe internal testing. And we are talking ALL ITEMS... and SEVERE TESTING...!!!
The quality team at Nauticam is large and has special education and has some of the highest standards in the industry for sure!