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Nanna kreutzmann Photography

Photojournalist, underwater photographer and freediver – Nanna Kreutzmann


These years Nanna lives as a travelling photographer and artist. She is a educated photojournalist at the Danish school of journalism and is working on long-term projects. Along the way she added the underwater realm to her photography and started a long list of beautiful portraits and more under the surface.

Her creative eye is constantly at work, she has a new view of the world holding one breath. Showing the emotions of her subjects during their inability to speak.

Not having a tank of air on her back is not a problem, actually it's even more impressive. She is able to find the time to do what she does underwater, in only a single breath.

In the Documentary "Under isen", which was published December 2021, she shares about the pictures taken in the Finnish Ice water and her experience in -2 degrees Celsius. The dark and cold are overwhelmingly making her think, What am I doing here? She puts on her fins and gets into the ice-cold water. After a few minutes her body gets used to the temperature, allowing her to experience everything around her and letting the body relax slowly. 

When she is in the water everything is dark. Making a 180 turn, she gets to take in the light though the ice and see the blocks of ice on top of the lake. Her partner is joining soon, as a Photographer she wouldn't be alone. For her the camera is an extension of herself. Going from 10 Kilo on the surface to floating in the water.

She tells about her subject, going around the area. Nanna is 8-meter depth for a bit when she would feel her body telling her to go back up, get more air. As a freediver she knows it is only her body giving signals, but she knows that her experience as a strong swimmer and the focus on photography gives her more time than her body tells her. 

After coming back up she needs to take strong breaths to oxygenate her body and find her partner. Each time before she goes into the water there are a rush of emotions. When she is in the water she knows, there is no place for fear or panic here. It is an experience to be so close to death, darkness and cold. Thinking you might never come back up.

"To get back above the water and find out, I can do this, I moved my limit"


Highly recommend listening to the documentary yourself. To listen (in Danish) click here

Other than photography and freediving Nanna has a passion for the climate, painting and rope climbing. 

Nanna is using a Fuji mirrorless camera in a Nauticam housing with the 180mm glass dome.