Ambassador - Jonna Bergstrom

Jonna Bergström, SE

Nordic Champion uw. photography

Jonna is one of our favorites.
She belongs to the type of people, that just don´t understand how good they are... true... maybe she can be beaten on very detailed technical talks... But her creative eye... and ability to spot that special picture... THAT is really something..!

It is my experience that the typical underwater photographer spend a long time talking about the Latin name of a goofball they saw on a dive or how they tweaked the flash into doing new things... but at the same time they forget to talk about the soul of the image or the feeling in their stomachs when they take their pictures.
The thing is - it HAS to be a bit of both if you want to be really good!

Jonna is one of the best underwater photographers I know. And ditto on surface nature shots... She both knows her camera stuff - sees that small life around us and transform it into an image. She reminds me of the beauty that surrounds us. And she does it with competence and skill.
And of course - like everybody else, she does not pull it off every time she squeezes the trigger, but when she does, I am blown away.

So I am happy to be part (even a small one) of her photo career with helping out with service issues, gear and good advice when she needs it.

Check out her site and pictures.