Ambassador - Diver of the Dark


Divers of the Dark, FI

Finnish Tech Explorers

Finland is a very large country, but not population wise. And as it is cold and covered in snow and ice almost half of the year and virtually only have the green Baltic sea to dive, the Finnish divers have to be creative when they want to get weightless. So they dive some of the thousands of lakes or the many mines they have in the country. And hence all that mine diving Finland has a large population of very skilled technical divers.

One of the groups is called "Divers in the Dark". It is a group of people that do not go on compromise with what they do. And they document almost everything...

We have helped them get the right equipment for the extreme diving they do - and given a bit of advice on this and that. It is a group that is always interesting to follow and very interesting to talk equipment with as their level of knowledge and demand for excellence is at the very top of the line.
It keeps us sharp..!

Check out some of the awesome projects on their website and don't forget to buy their book..!