If you are about to start with underwater photography you surely have a million questions. We know this, as we have a million answers, that we are ready to give to each and every one of those questions. In fact... this is what we do for a living... helping people to get started with uw. photo and just as often to purchase their first gear.

Underwater IS just different
No matter if you are already a skilled photographer on dry-land and have been taking pictures all your life - or if your experience with a camera is based on the camera in your smartphone, you will experience a range of new things that will be different now that you plan to bring a camera under the surface.

"I am not a professional"
One of the first things people tell us is: "Well, I am not a professional... I just want to do this as a hobby." Yes... we know... you are just like the majority of our other customers... someone who loves diving and want to document the wonders you see below. And we love to help you get there :-)
...and who knows... one day it might be your pictures or footage up there on the wall.

I am Lars - and I am the owner of FOTOGRAFIT... I have a background as a commercial photographer, graphic arts expert, underwater photo teacher and have been diving since the late 80´es and taking pictures ever since you had to load the camera with a 135 celluloid film. Over the years I have owned and operated a huge amount of different photo and video cameras used them in different housings from different brands - and added many different light sources.

We can help
My primary job is to help you get there... get to a solution that works for you... one that you can afford... and one that can grow with you, so you are ready if you like this underwater-thing so much, that you want to explore it even deeper.
Over the years I have literally helped thousands of people purchase underwater camera gear or become better at operating it. It is what I do... I love doing it... and I and my team want to help you too...! :-)