Nauticam WACP 1 - Wide Angle Conversion Port

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Nauticam WACP 1 - Wide Angle Conversion Port

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Lens magic... pure and simple!!
Instead of super wide angles and large glass dome ports, under water this solution is both better and cheaper.
The WACP-1 has a fantastic corner sharpness and is much smaller than a similar sharpness glass dome, which makes it easier to handle under water.

We will match any European price AND provide a great service at the same time ;-)

Product no.: 85201
Stock status: Assembled on order and shipped.
Extended description

The Nauticam WACP-1
Wide Angle Conversion Port - 1 is for Full Frame 28mm Lens.
Including Buoyancy Collar And N120 To N100 Port Adaptor.

The WACP is a lens and a port all in one. It is designed to be used in front of a standard land lens (provides the autofocus, exposure control etc.).
While the WACP corrects the lens to see perfectly underwater and expands it into a wide angle with a field of view to 130˚, introducing some mild barrel (fisheye) distortion.

To perform this transformation the WACP-1 contains multiple elements of high-quality optical glass – about 3 kg worth (almost 4 kg with float rings installed), all there to deliver excellent image quality underwater.

What is not to like..?  ;-)


The unique optical wet lens made for FX housings and Video systems. Used with standard zoom lenses it provides a high-quality alternative to even large glass dome ports. The corner sharpness it offers is approx 3-f/stops better than the nearest glass dome port and even with a full zoom-through. Price is high but must be compared to an expensive wide angle lens and a large glass dome port... hence that it is a much better alternative.


(The WACP is not restricted to any brand of camera or specific lenses. There is no reason that the WACP-1 can’t be used with any housing brand (with an appropriate adaptor).



Hard Lens Cap and rear port cap (N120)
N120 to N100 35mm port adaptor



The WACP can focus on its front element to infinity allowing for extremely close-focus wide-angle shooting. When used with certain zoom lenses, the WACP can provide a variety of field-of-view options.


An aluminium float collar is standard and brings the in-water buoyancy 0.32kg negative. 

There are many lenses compatible.. some better than others.
Check out the PDF for more info.

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