Nauticam Super Macro Convertor 2 (4x Magnification) (SMC-2)

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Nauticam Super Macro Convertor 2 (4x Magnification) (SMC-2)

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Nauticam did it again... only this time they blew the limits completely for making a macro lens that will satisfy even the most enthusiastic ultra macro underwater photographer.

The SMC-2 lens will require a steady hand or a tripod. It is NOT for beginners.

Yes... it is expensive. But stop whining and start saving. As this lens is BLOWING the competition away... end of discussion!


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Product no.: 81202
Stock status: In stock
Extended description

Super Macro Convertor 2 (4x Magnification)


Will work very well with:

  • Canon 100mm lens
  • Nikon 105VR Macro lens
  • Sony 90mm Macro lens


...but also with Panasonic 45mm and Olympus 60mm. (and surely many more)


This lens is MUCH stronger than the SMC-1 lens. Even if you add the Multiplier, this lens is stronger.

SMC-2: 4.0 magnification VS.

SMC-1: 3.5 magnification (SMC-1+multiplier)


And remember... these lenses are so high quality, that the competition is FAR BEHIND. (not mentioning any names) ;-)


Weight: Approx. 550g

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