Symbiosis Lighting System SS-3

Symbiosis Lighting System SS-3

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The Symbiosis SS-3

The i-Divesite Symbiosis system is already well proven and with the combination of LED light and flash it is very appealing to most underwater photographers.

The Symbiosis SS-3 ID is not only more compact and more travel-friendly - it is a unit that caters directly to the new underwater photographer that is beginning the journey into the world of flash and light.

The SS-3 has a dome and simple easy settings - and as much as 2800 lumen LED light and a Guide Number of 20 which will make it great for most lighting situations.

As a macro light/flash, it will be a killer - and later when ID is launching a snoot, you will see a very affordable and compact macro system that most established underwater photographers will enjoy.




Product no.: SS-03
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SS-3 with 3000 lumens LED Video head (GN:20)


i-Divesite Symbiosis flash

The Symbiosis is a combination of LED light and flash - in one unit working together. Since most

cameras today do both video and photography equally good, the light used should of course also

be able to deal with both.


FOTOGRAFIT was the first distributor to test the Symbiosis SS-2 lights and we have been using them for 3

years now. So it is with great joy that we are now part of the launch of the new Symbiosis SS-3.

Same principal with LED light and flash but in a smaller and more compact unit – also a bit more

affordable for new divers.


Symbiosis SS-3:

• Guide number :20

• Beam angle : 105" ~ 95".

• Battery: 18650 Li-ion battery x2

• Number of Flash: 700 (3400mAh)

• Color Temp: 5500K

• Recycle Time: 3s on full power (super fast on lower powers)

• Depth Rate: 60m

• LED output: 2800 lumen

• LED burn time: 55mins (3400mAh)

• Weight with batteries: 520g (land) - 120g (UW)

• Dimension: 180mm x 95mm diameter