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Symbiosis Lighting System SS-2

Symbiosis Lighting System SS-2

685,00 EUR

(incl. VAT)

iDivesite Symbiosis.. A new kind of light.

A combination of LED light and flash in one unit.ï¾ Works fantastic... and will allow you to do both video and photos on the same dive.

The fastest recyceling unit in its league.

Check out the comparison test of:
Symbiosis SS-1, SS-2, Inon Z-240 and Sea & Sea YS-D1:

>>Check here.

Product no.: SS-2
Stock status: In stock

SS-2 with 2000 lumens LED Video head (GN:32)

Technical specs Flash:

  • Guide Number: GN 32
  • Manual Flash Mode = 15 levels
  • Color Temperature: 5700K
  • Weight: 1050g (50g UW)
  • Beam Angle: 90 x 80 (Diffuser 100 x 100)
  • 2000 lumen light head
  • Battery: 14.8V Li Battery (50Wh)
  • Total number of flash approx. 600 (at full power w/o LED)
  • Recycle time 1.6s (w/ 100% battery) 2s (w/ 10% battery)

Technical specs Imaging light:

  • Focus Light / White Light / Red Light
  • Imaging Light = 10 Steps Control
  • Light Mode White 10~100% Red 10~100%
  • Colour Temperature 5700K
  • CRI 80
  • Red Light XP-E x 3
  • Luminus Flux 500/1000 lm
  • Beam Angle 120


Charging time of the battery is only 2.5hrs.
Battery spec: 50Whr 16.8V lithium battery, safe to bring as carry-on batteries.


Several LED light heads will be available for the unit depending on need.


It is also possible to take off the LED light and use it as a stand-alone light, by using an adaptor.

Mode Rotary Knob:

  • Off
  • Manual flash
  • Auto 1 flash
  • Auto 2 flash
  • Light


  • Level Rotary Knob Step-less rotation
  • Test / Learn Button
  • Light Mode Button
  • LCD battery level indicator

Display Auto Directional LCD (w/ backlit)

Protection features:

  • Over heated warning signal and protection
  • Light Head Temp Protection
  • Flash Head Temp Protection
  • Repetitive Flash Protection
  • Synchronizing Learning
  • Auto-power Off


  • 4000 lumen LED light head
  • Strobe Snoot (not yet ready)
  • LED head standalone light adaptor
  • Flash dome diffusor