Go swimming, snorkeling or even diving with your iPhone? No problem with our waterproof iPhone cases!

The cameras of smartphones have been getting better and better over the years and have even overtaken some digital cameras in terms of quality. No wonder that iPhones and other smartphones are also becoming increasingly popular when it comes to taking underwater photos. It is also the most convenient way to share your photos with your friends online - right after your dive!


To get the most out of your photos, we recommend an underwater housing for your iPhone. A housing protects your iPhone better than any waterproof bags or pouches ever could. They not only protect your smartphone better from external damage (scratches on the lens, the display, etc.), but also internal damage (hardware). With our iPhone underwater housings, you get affordable protection against the elements. Besides, the iPhone cases from SeaFrogs are waterproof up to 60 meters and have built-in filters! So nothing stands in the way of great pictures and underwater photos of your dives, snorkeling, or SUP boarding.

You can easily attach your iPhone underwater case to a tray. Add some handles and you get even more stability. Also, add some flex arms and lamps and you got yourself a solid camera system for your next dive. You can also attach the iPhone case to your underwater housing for your camera. You see, the possibilities are endless!


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