Get your Personal Black Friday Offer




Hey diver :-)


Every year in the weeks up to Black Friday, our customers start to ask us:
Will this or that be on sale at Black Friday?
And often that specific item will not be on sale...

So - this year - Black Friday will be a little different.
Instead of us trying to figure out what you´d like, we would like you to tell us what you REALLY NEED..!


You have until Friday to tell us what offers you´d like us to make for you.

We will then make you an offer - and make sure you have it by Friday.




Are you a Bargain Hunter?
Don´t worry - we also want to clear out on some of the things we have in stock - that definitely NEED A NEW OWNER.

And those things will be discounted on the Black Friday site as normal.

We will publish a link with the offers at 23:59 on Thursday.





1) Sit down - have a cold drink.

2) Plan what your next purchase should be.

3) Write us an email or use the form below - what it should include.

4) By Friday you will have your offer.

5) Enjoy!




We will make an offer you can´t refuse and send you on Friday.
Use email - or the form below.

* The offer will be valid ALL Black Friday weekend until Sunday evening 29/11 - 23:59
* Previous offers can not be converted to BF offers.
* If you need our help putting the offer together, just mention this in your message to us.




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