Combine a great vacation with learning a lot from FOTOGRAFIT and other like-minded underwater photographers- videographers.
On all trips, Lars will be available for questions and making image reviews.



March 20th. 2020

Photo/video group trip, Puerto Galera, Phillippines

Trip info will shortly be available.
Email for reserving a seat. (1/3 of the seats already reserved)



March 30th. 2019 (TRIP IS OVER)
Red Sea Liveaboard (
Read more about the trip here.

Boat full.

September 21th, 2018 (TRIP IS OVER)
Red Sea Liveaboard (
1-week trip)


February 2015 (TRIP IS OVER)
Red Sea Liveaboard (
1-week trip)



Learn with friends

For a number of years, we have been teaching divers how to make progress with their photo equipment.
Our conclusion is, that the more people together on a trip - the more input you get.



The trips we do are not a workshop, but a regular trip/liveaboard trips with the overall theme: Photo, Video, Lighting & Editing. The boat will aim at anchoring up at places where it is easy to work with your camera and the main purpose of the Dive-Guide will be keeping an eye on you while you take pictures, rather than dragging you along on a sightseeing.

The trips are for people with special interest in photo- or videography and are aimed at anyone interested in seriously improving their underwater photography in an informal, friendly and non-competitive environment.

We have teamed up with Kingfish - Dive & Travel to do the technical side of the trip.

Kingfish is a professional Dive & Travel company with many years of experience and great contacts in the industry.
Having a background in the Dive Travel industry ourselves, we know what is demanded by our customers - and we can see that they can fulfil it.


Please contact us if you have ANY questions.