10 things to do before you enter the water!


  1. OK, even before you take off to the dive site, you need to set up your entire housing system on the kitchen table.
    But the housing on a neoprene mat or a short towel so you can work with it.
    Go through all o-rings and check if there are sand and salt in the housing.
    Clean and grease!
    Not too much grease... just enough of the parts that need to move.
  2. Imagine that you´ll be diving right now and putting the housing together just like you would in the water.
    Check that all items are there: Canerma/lens, fresh batteries, empty memory card, housing, port, extension ring, gear system, lights with charged batteries, flash trigger, flash cable(s), shockline etc...
  3. Turn on everything, and get ready to shoot.
    The job now is, to take a good picture of something that you are likely to shoot when you get in the water.
    If you shoot macro, find a small item and use that - with wide-angle find something longer away.
  4. Make the settings as if you were in the water.
    Set your ISO, shutter-speed/aperture, and all settings on the light as you might need.
    Take a picture - and adjust your settings until the picture is accurately exposed.