Satisfied customers

Some of the happy customers:

During the last couple of years I have sold a rather impressive amount of video and photography housings.
My customers have a lot of questions and I spend a lot of time on each customer finding the right solution. It is a big investment for everybody, so the correct amount of information is important!
To show the variety of my customers I have listed some (primarily companies and institution - the list of individuals is much much longer)

  • Nico Kavaleff -, Finland
  • EW Dive, Finland
  • Rasmus Speed Promotions OY, Finland
  • Försvarsmakten, Sweden
  • GeoKonstruktioner AB, Sweden
  • Scandinavian Photo AB, Sweden
  • Jaanus Relo - TopDiving DC, Estonia
  • Rami Abdelmoneim - Red Sea Diving Safari, Egypt
  • Technopoisk LLC, Russia
  • Steve Lindfield, Australia
  • Jesper Messerschmidt, Norway
  • Chilbal Film, Denmark
  • N.O.W. Dive, Denmark
  • Søværnets Dykkerskole, Denmark
  • Royal Danish Marine Corps
  • Beredskabsstyrelsen, Denmark
  • Kattegatcentret, Denmark
  • Japan Foto, Sweden & Norway
  • Video4, Norway
  • Hother Import A/S, Denmark
  • Stig Stasig Fotografi, Denmark
  • Photoshoppen "Click", Denmark
  • Stevns Dykkerskole, Denmark
  • Diving 2000 A/S, Denmark
  •, Denmark
  • Århus Fridykkerklub, Denmark
  • René Andersen, Norway
  • Dykkersport, Norway
  • Havsport, Trondheim
  • Espen Rekdal Photography, Norway
  • High Coast Diving, Hawaii
  • Norsk Maritimt Museum, Oslo
  • ...and many many more...