Lightroom presets Underwater Macro (by Tobias Friedrich)

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Lightroom presets Underwater Macro (by Tobias Friedrich)

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MACRO - Lightroom Presets - get your underwater image edited in under one minute!


Over the years Tobias has worked out the best settings for editing his pictures. It is his work that you can now benefit from by adding the presets into your own workflow.


The presets includes following modules:

1. Exposure (13 settings)
2. Whitebalance (9 settings)
3. Underwater MACRO Looks (10 settings)
4. Saturation (5 settings)
5. Vignette (7 settings)
6. Noise reduction (4 settings)
7. Sharpening (4 settings)
8. Lens Profile Corrections (2 settings)


Let Tobias help you... see how to use the files.


Product no.: TF-Ma-1
Stock status: Assembled on order and shipped.
Extended description

Let Lightroom work for YOU!

The MACRO Lightroom Preset for Underwater Photography is a workflow based set of seven modules. Step by step you can adjust your underwater images and find the right setting for each individual image very easily.


The Presets are a basic setup to get your underwater images postproduced as fast as possible into a great look. This is a great start if you are new into underwater photography unsure how to edit your images in Lightroom as well as for more advanced photographers to give the images a good first draft and then continue to work from there.


The MACRO Lightroom Presets contains one "standard" look to get your underwater images look great in a very quick way. Additionally there are various looks for your macro images to get them into a different, more creative "look".


This preset is compatible with:


  • Adobe Lightroom 4, 5, 6, CC
  • Classic CC
  • well as the Lightroom mobile app on iOS and Android (XMP and lr-template files included).



Once ordered - we will send a code - and a download link to you. You are then able to download a .ZIP file and an explanation on how to install the files.


The installation of the presets will only take a couple of minutes. The "how to install" document will be included in the purchased package inside the folder.

This package doesn't include any software (i.e. Adobe Lightroom Classic) - only the Presets. You need to buy the software seperately at:



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