ID Arm system with Video Pro 8 3000 Lumens

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This arm system comes with the powerful Video Pro 8 3000 Lumen LED Light and is an excellent and cheap way of starting your journey in underwater video/photography.

Extended Arms with modular functions for placing your light source just right for the perfect photos or videos.


The KIT consists of the Video Pro 8 (3000 Lumen) Led Light, a 9-inch double ball arm, and a 7-inch arm with YS-mount and 2x CL-1 clamps.

Product no.: KAL101
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x i-Das Aluminum arm 9"
  • 1 x i-Das Alu YS- adaptor arm 7"
  • 2 x i-Das Clamp - CL-1
  • 1 x ID - Video Pro 8 (3000 lumens)
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