Tray Kit with Pistol Handle and Flex Arm 02

Tray Kit with Pistol Handle and Flex Arm 02

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Standard Adjustable Tray Kit with Single Pistol Handle and Flex Arm

The most flexible tray and handle from i-Divesite.
The pistol grip handle comes with a lot of possibilities. With the included T-Connector your tray and the Flex Arm for your light with YS mount, you are free to model your light source as you please.
Just add your housing, maybe an arm and light system more and your good to go :)

Product no.: KTHA102
Products in the packet:
  • 1 x I-Divesite - TR-04 - Standard base tray incl. tray screw (adjustable)
  • 1 x I-Das Pistol handle - mkll
  • 1 x Seafrogs 12'' Flex Arm - 30cm
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