Light systems

Natural light is rather rare underwater. However, lamps and strobes can help you solve this dilemma. Our light systems consist of smart solutions so that your motifs are optimally illuminated when diving.



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Choose between LED light or flash light

In our shop, you will also find flash light and arm packages as well as LED light and arm packages. 
Our strobe packages consist of ready-to-go kits that make it easier for you to put together your underwater photo setup. In addition to the strobe and fiber optic cable, you get adjustable arms as well as clamps and YS adapters. By using strobes, poor lighting conditions can be brightened and the colors in the photos appear more vivid. 


Also, flashes can be used as an artistic tool. Strobes are particularly suitable for underwater photographers because they give the pictures more sharpness than it would be the case with lamps. Lamps, on the other hand, are particularly relevant for videography. Our light and arm packages consist not only of bright lamps, but also include arms, clamps, and matching adapters.


We here at Fotografit are always happy to help you tailor the best equipment for your personal needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions at our webpage (chat with us) or on our mail