Starter kits

With our starter sets we provide you a solid base for your underwater photography. These sets are particularly suitable for beginners, as they are very handy and focus on the essentials. 

You can start and grow with these sets and they can be the building block for a future setup. On top of that you even save money!




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Choose a starter kit - get help from us.

Aside from an underwater housing for your camera, which will be the basic piece of your underwater photography equipment, we recommend a tray for adding handles and flex arms. You can attach additional light to the arms, like lamps or flashes, because particularly at greater depths you need light sources to better illuminate your surroundings. Float arms help you balancing the weight of your setup and thereby simplify maneuvering during the dive and when taking pictures.


With our handy starter sets, which include underwater housings, trays, handles, flex arms, and lamps, you get a solid foundation to start and grow your underwater photography. Extensions are possible.


We here at Fotografit are always happy to help you tailor the best equipment for your personal needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions at our webpage (chat with us) or on our mail