Fantasea Mirrorless Housings

The Fantasea acrylic housing system is one of the best systems available in underwater photography & diving. The system was developed for divers - by divers. And you can tell that from the quality of their underwater housings.


The systems are lightweight and are decent enough for free diving and shooting near the surface. 


It is versatile and you are able to mount both special wet wide-angle lenses and also great macro systems. By adding trays, arms, and lamps, the Fantasea underwater housing system is a great option for the demanding diver!


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The new mirrorless cameras provide fantastic photography and video experience. They are lighter, smaller and you can see the finished photo before you even press the shutter button. In addition, the quality is in no way inferior to that of DSLR cameras.


If you want to seriously deal with underwater photography, you need an underwater housing. A housing protects your camera better than any other waterproof option could ever do. Both from external damage (scratches on the lens, camera, and buttons) and internal damage (hardware).


With the Fantasea mirrorless underwater housings for Sony cameras you get a good mid-price housing with a functional and ergonomic technology. They are designed to be smaller and lighter. This makes them particularly suitable for transport and for traveling.

Fantasea underwater housings are very easy to expand and are compatible with many lenses, viewfinders, trays, and other accessories that you need for your ideal system.


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