Hugyfot Housings

The Belgian company Hugyfot has been developing and producing underwater housings for DSLR cameras since 1953. That is almost 70 years of experience.
Hugyfot manufactures compact and ergonomically shaped underwater housings that convince both professional and semi-professional underwater photographers. 
Amongst Hugyfot's first customers were Hans Hass and Jacques-Yves Cousteau.

If you want to deal with underwater photography more seriously, you need underwater housing. Because a housing protects your camera not only from external damage (scratches on the lens, camera, and buttons) but also internal damage (hardware).

Hugyfot developed its own vacuum test system called "HugyCheck" in 2008, with which you can carry out a vacuum test prior to the dive. A vacuum pump creates a slight under pressure inside the underwater housing, which is monitored by an LED pressure indicator. By that, you can check whether your housing is tightly closed and if the o-rings are in good condition. This system has proven itself over the years and is being improved continuously.

With the Hugyfot housings for various camera brands, such as Canon, Nikon, or GoPro, you get good housings with functional technology at a fair price.

Hugyfot underwater housings are easily expandable and are compatible with many other accessories that you need for your ideal system.

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