Different waters require different tools. Our Flip7 color filters are made specifically for GoPro. 


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The idea with the filters is to compensate for the color distortion that follows at different depths and different water colors e.g. our FLIP GREENWATER dive filter (which is purple) compensates for the distortion of color in green waters and delivers the correct color and FLIP Bluewater DEEP filter (which is orange) compensates for colors in blue water and gives the best results at around 15 meters depth.  We also offer kits with all these filters and a macro lens for your camera (for those who want to film the tiniest sea creatures like the nudibranch where some are as small as 6,35mm in length. The Idea behind this product line is to give GoPro photographers the best conditions for going home with footage that looks crisp.

We here at Fotografit are always happy to help you tailor the best equipment for your personal needs. Feel free to contact us with your questions at our webpage (chat with us) or on our mail