Nauticam A7C Housing for Sony A7C Camera

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Nauticam A7C Housing for Sony A7C Camera

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Did you want SMALL??
This is a small housing... surely one of the smallest housings for a fullframe camera around!
Sony's latest full frame mirrorless camera, the a7C offers the underwater image maker one of the most compact and travel friendly full frame systems available on the market today.

Also the a7C features Sony's latest stellar autofocus and there is a much improved battery life due to its use of the larger Z series battery.

The BIONZ X processor delivers fantastic low-light performance and a lot faster image processing. And for the video shooters, the a7C features internal UHD 4K capture in the wide-dynamic range HLG image profile all up to 30p.


Find out more in our review of the Nauticam A7C housing on the Fotografit blog.

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Extended description



Dimensions 307mm (W) x 172mm (H) x 103mm(D)
Weight (in air) 1.78kg
Weight (in water w/ camera) 0.19kg
Depth Rating 100m
Port Opening N100


Known for unique experience, Nauticam has become groundbreaking in magnifying viewfinders, or in having the sharpest super macro accessories lenses. Their high quality water contact wide angle lenses (WWL-1 and WACP-1) in combination with the NA-A7C housing form an imaging system that is not only complete but makes it one of the best out there. 

Comfortable ergonomics, light weight, easy to assemble, and key controls placed to offer easy access while the camera drops without any controls presetting, while lens port that are effortless interchangeable. 

The NA-A7C with integrated handle system, easy control access due to its well-designed ergonomics (even with thick gloves), with the shutter release places ideally for easy access and thumb-lever to actuate the AF-ON button from the right handle

Hard anodized manufactured from a solid block of aluminum, which means the NA-A7C is corrosion-proof to salt water. Together with stainless and plastic parts marine graded while it's backed by a two-year warranty against any manufacturing defects, makes the NA-A7C the perfect underwater imaging system.

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