Fantasea EyeDaptor M55 - F67

Fantasea EyeDaptor M55 - F67

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Step-Ring for the 55MM thread on the FRX-100-III
The housing has 55mm thread, and by using the step ring adaptor you can mount any 67mm diopters.

Product no.: Fa-4721
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Fantasea Step ring from 55mm to 67mm

This adaptor convert a 55mm thread to 67mm thread.

Particularly the 55MM thread on the FRX-100 III and Fantasea FRX-100 IV is it useful. Then 67mm wetlenses can be used. Both macro wetlenses and wide angle wetlenses.
Alu ring - can be used in salt water. Don´t forget to rinse it after use, and take it of the wetlens after use.