Inon D-200 Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT and Strobe Light Shade)

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Inon D-200 Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT and Strobe Light Shade)

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Inon D-200 flash system


  • 110 degrees coverage UNDERWATER without diffuser.
  • Powerful Guide Number 20.
  • Easy to handle as the strobe is slightly buoyant underwater giving 4g lift.
  • 13-step Manual Mode in addition to proven S-TTL Auto.
  • Bundled "Strobe Light Shade" to prevent shining camera lens
  • 220 lumen, shutter linked auto OFF Focus Light
  • Easily visible conspicuous phosphorescence back control panel during day and night.
  • Improved intuitive controllability with larger control dials
  • Newly designed radiation system to release generated heat inside to underwater
  • Highly versatile optical cable connection.
  • Minimum recycle time "approx. 1.3 sec." at Full Flash.
  • On-board Wireless TTL capability.


Compatible batteries:

  • AA "eneloop" (BK-3MCC) [recommended] x 4
  • AA "eneloop pro" (BK-3HCD) [recommended] x 4
  • AA NiMH (*8) x 4
  • AA Alkaline x 4
  • AA Lithium (1.5V) x 4

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Extended description

Inon D-200


The D-200 is precisely designed to provide an ultra-wide beam with Inon patented T-shape Twin Flash system,
offering a 110-degree beam underwater without a diffuser (that would sacrifice intensity), and
an optical trigger system and has a powerful Guide Number of 20 (iso 100) powered by 4x AA - batteries.

Furthermore, the design is made to be intuitive and easily accessed with large buttons and dials, and with the
phosphorescence back-control panel the D-200 is easy to see and operate in low light environments.
It also features a flash system that recharges a full power fire at 1/1000 shutter speed. 

The D-200 comes with a highly adjustable (and removable) shade that can be turned 360 degrees preventing 
the light source from interfering with your footage example lens flares.

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