Inon Z-330 Ultra Wide Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT and Strobe Light Shade)

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Inon Z-330 Ultra Wide Strobe (incl. Strobe Dome Filter SOFT and Strobe Light Shade)

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One of Inons most popular products over the years has been theor Z-series of flashes.

The latest version (Z-330 / Type 2) is a handsome, state of the art, flash system, with lots of accessory options.

Inon has made a lot of improvement, among others: a better and more even light, super smart shade system, dome port, easy warm/diffusor filters & snoot system. The ergonomics of the flash is great and it is easy to configure and use under water!

  • Higher guide number (33)
  • Wider Flash Beam
  • Protective shade to avoid flair light.
  • Larger buttons - easier handling.



Inons specs info:


Product no.: Z-330
Stock status: Assembled on order and shipped.
Extended description

Inon Z-330

It was important for Inon to come up with a brand new flash and signal innovation - and not just as an upgrade like Z-240 Type-5.
It seems like it's the same flash with a new name and better guide number. But that alone would also be a very very interesting upgrade. And if Inon has introduced updated security features against overheating in multi-exposure, they have long reached their goal.


The name of the new device is "Z-330 Ultra Wide Strobe" and may at first glance look similar to the former Z-240 model. But when looking at it with fresh eyes the new details will start to reveal themselves.


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