How to use the shop

Thank you for shopping with FOTOGRAFIT.
The shop is pretty easy to use, but here are a few hints:


*) Choose your currency in the top left corner of the screen.
*) If you would also like to see the prices without VAT look at the same place.


*) Finding the right piece of equipment in the jungle of underwater imaging products - can be tricky. Often there are several options and brands to choose from. You are welcome to collect something you might like to purchase and copy/paste is from the shop into an email, and ask us for advice.
Often we can come up with a better solution.
Or you can find what you need - buy it - and hit the "invoice" button instead of using PayPal, and make a note in the "comment field".
Then we will screen the order first and come with suggestions for changes...

*) Larger photo or video camera systems are rarely purchased directly from the shop.
If you have an idea for a setup - again - copy/paste what you might like into an email, and ask us for advice.


*) You can shop directly in the shop, using PayPal or all major Credit Cards.
If we think there is a problem with your selection, we might contact you before we collect the payment, and if we come up with something better, we might contact you about it.
If we agree on something else, we will cancel the transaction and ask you to do a new.

*) Some countries have the option of choosing "INVOICE" as payment. In this case, you can go through with a full transaction, without doing a financial transaction. We will then send you an invoice, and you can do a bank transfer.

*) IBAN/SWIFT information is located at the bottom of your invoice.
But here it is:  IBAN: DK1861890004171640 - SWIFT: KRONDK22


*) Packages will be shipped using Danish Postal service (Port Danmark), DPD or PayPal.
We will send you a tracking code, so you can follow your package.

PostNord/DPD tracking site:

GLS Parcel tracking:

UPS Tracking:

*) If desired, we can ship using UPS service. The shipment is more expensive, but in some regions of Europe UPS is the best solution.


*) When people outside EU or from Norway/Switzerland use the shop, NO VAT is added.

*) NORWAY: We will ship the package using Postal services, and the package will be directed to the nearest local post office. Here you can pay the VAT and purchase the package. We will forward a tracking code, so you can follow the package.